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So its finally been announced by Lord ‘Royal Opera House’ Hall will be (intending) to axe BBC Three in favour of an online delivery service with an additional £30 million onto BBC Ones over £1bn Drama budget.

Now I outlined in my post yesterday how bad this is for the youth, the production industry, and other commercial broadcasters, but while I was doing an interview with some reporters regarding this closure, I noticed there is one massive thing that is clear, the BBC is now stuck back in 1984.

By eliminating BBC Three and its target audience of 16-25 year olds of mixed nationality, the BBC then becomes old and it eliminates a majority of people. Once you turn 12, the BBC provides nothing for you until you become 25 and are then in the BBC One range, following that the BBC Two range once you become 34, then after 55 you are then in the ranks of BBC Four.

Now it effects careers. Many careers, including mine, have been started because of BBC Three Shows, not just in front of camera but behind the camera and in the future it will effect the future careers of all of those. Even the fantastic talent I have worked with over the last few years. So save future career prospects of everyone paying £9000 to go to Uni. Save your entertainment and the ability to be informed, educated, and entertained.

Sign the petition below btw;

Sign the Save BBC Three Petition

Heres Why Axing BBC Three is a dick move.


First of all, a TV Licence provides you with legality to watch any broadcast content, regardless of whether that broadcast is by the BBC, Sky, A&E, or Viacom, you need a licence. Something unique about our licence though is that it provides commercial-less award winning TV, and in order to save £100million that we give them, the BBC is deciding to axe its most popular channel with licence fee payers.

Lets first note the financial side. Axing BBC Three will save £89million a year, but the new plans include content just being moved online, so not much of a saving, but its quite obvious what is happening.

Over the last few years, Downing Street has forced the BBC to pick up the bill for the BBC World Service. Basically you are paying for a service you cannot legally watch in the UK. They also have to pay £50 million a year to help roll out Broadband to rural area. Surely BT or Virgin Media should be the ones funding this as they will be the ones profiting from these for years to come. Ill also note its the TV License, not the lets deliver broadband to people who might not even want it licence.

Now lets look forward a few years, the BBC Three audience will be the ones who have to pay the licence and all those who don’t watch it will be getting it free anyway, so the BBC misses out both ways here.

As a licence holder, I expect to be paying for TV service, and seen as you don’t need a licence for the BBC iPlayer, why is my money funding people watching for free?

Now lets just also sum up viewing habits here, over the next week, I have something set up to record on BBC Three 5 nights out of 7, so basically I am watching more new content than most channels can churn. ITV barely has a steady and controlled audience (that being a group of people who have something they want to watch on that channel every night of the week), in fact even BBC Two struggles to get that. The only other channels that get that is Netflix, and thats only because people use it as their primary entertainment source.

Now this axing also has an effect on commercial broadcasters. Remove the 16-25 age bracket from watching TV (of which a majority watch BBC Three every night) and they are then not watching E4, ITV2, Sky 1, MTV etc. meaning those channels will loose viewers and in turn loose ad revenue.

The other thing is that comedy will not have a home anymore. Celebrity Juice and The Midnight Beast are funny, but they are not true British comedy, they are not something you would show a non-brit to show off the amazing comedic talent we have in this country. Gavin and Stacey, The Mighty Boosh and Little Britain are, and to prove that, 60% of BBC Three homegrown programming is remade or rebroadcast in America.

So come on BBC, Lord Hall, and every other overpaid executive at the corporation., dont be a dick.

You Amaze Me.


Right so its probably not my place to slag off people and I probably do half these things myself, but I sorta opened my eyes recently and realised how much people like this are around.

One Rule for One, One Rule for Another people.

Im going to talk about one specific person here who I was talking to as was rather close with late last year. I say we were close, I mean practically dating but there was one thing stopping it being that, and that was her confidence in telling people, the only people that knew we our closest friends, all of whom thought it was ridiculous. I tried my hardest to keep it secret but something like that is hard because you just want to talk about it.

Due to how hard it was for us to tell anyone due to her confidence, mutually we decided it wasn’t working and we could try again if we were living closer (it was long distance, did i mention that?). I thought fair enough.

Now it turns out someone else is on the scene for her, and this person seems quite willing to talk about it while she won’t even mention it. Ive noticed a few people asking about it and it amazes me that if I would have done that it would of been over while I was typing the tweet.

Now this isn’t a jealousy post, im long gone and its not as if we aren’t friends, I still speak to her often and as such I am not going to mention names because as far as im concerned she’s done nothing wrong, and is still as awesome as I thought she was. Im just pointing it out as an example.

Theres my 2 pence for this week, I fancied writing but haven’t got these comedy shoes on today.

Next week we launch The Weekly Funny, a new way to bring a smile to everyones face every Sunday. Ill probably write something up about it in the week, but lets unleash comedy, cause 15 minutes of laughing burns 10-40 calories.

Billy Ray Cyrus is back… for a sequel?


Look don’t get me wrong, Billy Ray hasn’t been all to busy since Hannah Montana finished, and with his daughter swinging off more Wrecking Balls than he can keep his eye on, he has to do something to keep himself busy. So instead of writing a new song, he just gave his hit “Achy Breaky Heart” a sequel, in the form of “Achy Breaky 2″.

Teaming up with famous rapper Buck 22 (thats what the copy text said, no I’ve never heard of him either) he gets transported to a space ship where lady aliens who dress in gaffer tape are loving his hit and Mr 22′s popular rapping.


An Open Letter to YouTube and Others

youtube error square


This post is for those who question people who do YouTube or take the piss out of those giving it a go, its also for the high up bosses in YouTube HQ who seem to act like the age of the company (thats 9 by the way for those of you can’t Google)

Through YouTube and my lifeblood, YouthTube, I’ve learned a lot of skills I will take forward into the future, and I know the hard working and dedicated people I associate with on this project feel the same. Yeah we have done some bad videos, but we spent time and effort making the next one better, and thats what its all about. But is there need to rip people over what they enjoy doing?

What gets me rather humped up is that the people who insult or take the piss out of YouthTube seem to just do the same to everyone, yet when they have something they want to show their friends they expect the best feedback.

The next set of people is now a general, YouTube and Online Video Making is now a career. One of my previous projects on the internet was purchased by a ‘YouTube Star’ so that their company of which they were a director could take the lead as the resource for that content on YouTube. Now this was fair enough to me, its how media works behind the scenes, but this person started with not a lot and ramen noodles was their daily meal, they now earn more than enough to live on as well as pay people.

Now do you understand why people want to try at YouTube?

Its now a career, much like being a TV Producer is a career. However you are relying on one company, yes that said a massive company, and if they fall through (which if they keep investing willy-nilly in things like the train wreck that was the YouTube Music Awards) then you are up shit-creek without a paddle. You have to have a back up plan and by building a loyal audience, then you can set up shop elsewhere without worrying.

And yes, YouTube will not exist forever, its a phase and just like Google Reader, Click-to-Call, and Aardvark it will have its day and when they cannot afford to host billions upon billions of cat videos or keep up with the trends then it will just get thrown in the trash.

However, this brings me to my message to themselves, Dear YouTube. You are exactly 10 years old the day I turn 21, and I feel we have come to the time where we need to talk. Not about how you may start developing feelings towards websites of the opposite sex (and no, sorry, Pinterest does not want to go on a date with you) but possibly at a corporate level you deciding where your true heart is.

I know a hell of a lot of people (and heres some of the best: OriginallyCourtney, Elle Meadows, and ShannonUncut) who are stuck in a little bubble. Ill call it the ‘YouTube Fucks Me Over Bubble’. In this bubble is every channel which has somewhere between 100 and 10,000 subscribers and is ‘active’. The reason this bubble exists is because its seems you never help those in it because as soon as they hit 10,000, you have to start paying out for things like YouTube Creator Space, and Creator Space isn’t for people who are not part of your elite club.

These people create some of the best content on your website but because you have this fear of letting them into your $1.6bn building and creating better content. These people are a drain on your resources. If I upload a 4K half an hour video to your site which moves quickly to really ramp up the file size, you create 5/6 separate versions for different devices,  if it only gets one view, is it really worth it?

The big channels will get the views regardless of what you do. People watch the viral videos because of word of mouth, so why on earth is your ‘Channel of the Week’ always someone we’ve heard of? Why are your suggestions always Ray William Johnson or Epic Meal Time? If Epic Meal Time uploads a video people will watch it without you suggesting it to them because 6 million people already subscribe and you ENSURE that the video appears in those 6 millions subscription feeds. British TV Networks would kill for 6 million viewers. Those channels will always grow, because thats how you make your website.

Where as those in the bubble miss out on the action and give up faith within their own art form. These people will be the ones who make the next Game of Thrones when they are older, and you are willing to loose that. The big channels will always stick by you, because as long as you don’t take more than 30% of their already bulging AdSense accounts and they can still afford to pay their internet bill they are perfectly happy.

Have faith in those draining your server space, because they will be the ones who want to stick by you when things go tits up, which it will.

10,000 people giving you $1 a month is better than 3 people giving you $3000.

Id like to say I was proud of every episode I’ve ever produced for YouthTube, but I can’t, the one thing I am proud of is the ingenuity, business prowess, and commitment I’ve seen from the girls in the YouthTube team as well as some of the crazy ideas I’ve seen come to life on the smaller channels. Id choose that over boring network-tv anyday. (SORRY CBS PLEASE GIVE ME A JOB)

It would be really nice to see what you think of this matter in the comments or tweet me, and if you are reading this and you haven’t seen the stuff I make 7 days a week then check it out here. It would also be great if someone got this message to YouTube, or Eric Schmidt, he seems like the sort of guy who likes long essays.

A Post for the sake of a Post.

Sometimes, you just need to post something to your website for the sake of making it look like you are still alive. This is one of those posts.

Quickie life update then I guess, thats the easiest way to fill a bit of time.

1. Onto Post for the first Original British Drama.

so thats happening.

2. Making a documentary.

thats also happening.

3. Getting a Girlfriend and not being an internet addict.

thats not happening.

4. Writing the comedy script that I started writing 6 months ago.

thats sometimes happens, not very often. You’d think I was writing Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’. But I’m not.

So I guess there you go. Happy 1am. Heres a picture of a picture of a dog with a hamburger in his mouth, now go away.

insert picture of dog with hamburger in his mouth

New Year 2014 – A Message


Happy New Year.

I say this as I write this post on the 30th December, way before I plan to drink 2013 away. Its been a bit of weird year and I have a lot of people to thank, a lot of people to look on and give a weird look and a few people who I wish would just head to Scaro and be gone. So while I’ve had a little bit too much Whiskey in my Soda cause well its still Christmas, and my mind is flowing with random stuff that you probably dont want to hear about, I thought id write my New Years Good-Will Message. So here it goes…

Happy New Year


So lets start with the people who deserve the thanks. Im not going to mention names, but im sure most people can take this post and it will apply to the people who mean the same to them. You are all great, you mean a heck of a lot and you probably always will. Without people like yourselves we wouldn’t be ourselves.

You are the people who will cheer you up no end and will always stick by you, however I think its time to say sorry, Sorry for being that jerk that pissed you off, or that guy who you never see because he’s a little bit of a social reject who totally spends too much time working.

2014 needs to be a time we see each other more, do stupid things together like we used to, and most importantly get so drunk that we don’t even notice 2015 arrive.

Next, the people who say it won’t happen. Stop being so negative. Im looking at the ones who look at the stuff I work on and say “Well its not doing well”. See to me it is. I don’t want to be a YouTuber with 6 million subscribers, because thats something you should work for rather than just get straight away. In the next few days ill be writing a post on my works corporate site detailing our progress over the last few months, and I cannot wait to write it because to me it will show how well we have done.

Our biggest progress is that in the first year of starting, we made a profit, this is something a lot businesses don’t do, and hopefully, next year, we will do it again, but bigger, and the positive is that we work on a Not-For-Profit basis so all the money we profit, goes back in to making great shows.

Next to the people who sit and do nothing, this is mainly the bus drivers, get up and do something, just because being lazy is pretty great, does it really make you feel great about yourself. I used to be one of these people, and its these people that stop others progressing. In 2014, do something that is completely out of your way to make someone else’s lives better.

To the people who don’t listen, please start listening. Its annoying to tell you time and time again what has to be done to get other things done, and if you don’t listen, then you are the ones left out. Open your ears.

Now the people who did do these things, went out of their way to make someones life better. Congratulations, you win at life. Hopefully 2014 will allow someone to go out of their way to make yours better.

Now to the people I have supported over this year. Every year since I turned 16 I have anonymously donated money to charity on my Birthday, At Christmas and on New Years Day. These charities, Barnados and Boys and Girls Club of America, have tirelessly worked in ensuring that children gain a better future. I was lucky enough to get quite a privileged childhood, a decent education, and a University course I wanted to be on, but some aren’t, and these charities work towards doing that both here in the UK and over in the states. This year I want to support you even more in the great work you guys provide.

Next, there is one final person I wish to thank who doesn’t know who she is and that she does any of this, but certain people change us, make us happier, make our lives worth living without doing anything, without even thinking about it, just by waking up in the morning they do it. Thank you and I hope that all the stupid things that I wish for in my head come true, even though I have to be one who makes them happen and I don’t because I don’t want to ruin anything.

Finally, everyone, I wish you all a great 2014. Have a great one.

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